Automating effects "glitch" Scale effect


I really hope someone can help here as I feel I keep entering the same data into machine repetitively to then find it has gone later down the line. Here’s what I’m doing…

I have 8 tracks, all with 8 patterns over 8 sequences for a song. Each track has a Scale fx at the end of the chain and as I progress through the set I have automations on each new pattern played to change the scale for different moods etc. That works great, I jam along and happy days, then later I’ll find that the automations have gone, or some of them at least, making all the tracks out of key with each other. Sometimes I’ll input it all in again, save it, turn off, back on and reload and hoorar the automations are there again. Sometimes I come back to it after doing all that work again and I’ll find it all sounds off and weird and discover once again that my scale fx have gone all out of whack, when I look my automations have gone again. Hmmmm.

Now one thing I thought was that I originally started this piece playing about with those parameters of scale fx on the encoders. I was thinking maybe they were conflicting in some way so removed the assigns. Seemed to work again but later on after working further on the track, all automation had gone again.

Any ideas on this? Pulling my hair out a tad as the possibilities and “great” music I was getting, keeps going down the toilet. Is it a bug or am I doing something wrong?

That sounds like one of the most frustrating “I feel like I’m taking crazy pills” kinds of things ever.

Once your Project works as expected, do you ever invoke the Live Looper or Record any data?

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I got all excited seeing someone had replied, I thought you’d come to the rescue :slight_smile: (no worries, I like the sentiment)

I’ve not been live looping in the set as yet but plan to at some point, I just want to iron out the gremlins first, adding anything to the recipe at this stage scares me a bit :wink:

And I’m doing an online gig with it in 8 days…eeek! (ooooh - afterthought, I suppose I could consolidate each track, though my keyboard key knowledge is pap so I’d be scared of noodling along with it, without the scale fx) Not the ideal solution but could get me through the gig

It seems your project is fairly complex. It’s not unthinkable to imagine you’ve been reaching the maximum number of events (notes, CC, …) per project, which is 10000.

If your automations are recordings, there can be a lot of redundant points. Try and simplify your automations curves, you’ll gain some space.

Hmm, it is possible I suppose though although the set is complex, it isn’t overriddled with automation tweaks and the “loops” are never longer than 8 bars. It’d be nice if there was a diagnostic for “counting” events to see where you are with it. I’ve tried a few scenario’s to try and isolate the issue and it is possible that the automations disappear after I’ve added a new section, though it could also be “random” (as in, something else). I think I may be slightly behind in firmware (maybe missed one update), so I’ll see if that changes anything… Thanks for the input