Automate selected track?

I’m trying to use a master USB midi keyboard to control three different synths in my setup. I’d like to not have to switch the midi channel on the controller and instead have the “selected track” change with each new sequence? Is this possible?

Another option would be to setup another track to change the output channel of the USB Keyboard, but I’d like to keep the project as simple as possible.


Is your setup Keyboard > pyramid > synths?

So the midi keyboard is connected to the USB midi input of the pyramid and all of my synths are connected to MIDI A of the pyramid. So, yes, Keyboard>Pyramid>synths.

Pyramid receives any incoming midi channel to the active track. The track will send out to the channel you defined.

It means, as I understand your issue, you record synth A B and C by changing the active track while recording. You don’t need to change midi ch # on keyboard.

I record let’s say five instruments using foot switch record\play while jumping from one track to the other and it works seamless for me in any looping or performing situation.

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Thanks for the reply OxOnFord! So, a little background. I’m trying to use the Pyramid to be the master sequencer for performing live, but I won’t always have time to change the active track before I have to play my part. So is there a way to automate the active track on a per-sequence basis?

Hi @Onelastdisguise,

you should check the MIDI IN setttings. I believe what you want is to set OMNI MODE to MULTITRACK

AFAIK the only way to change the selected track programmatically is via
PyraMIDI, and to have Pyramid control itself via it you’ll need to create a physical loop for sending and receiving. With that in place, you can have a control track in each sequence send the appropriate CC to Pyramid itself for switching the selected track. At least in theory.

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