Auto select track?

Hi, is there a setting somewhere that auto-selects the track when we mute/unmute it? I’m getting totally lost sometimes. It’s not very logical. And I think that many key-combos should be replaced by long/short presses and double press. (Like in track mode: short press= mute/unmute, long press=select track). The Pyramid is very much a two handed device and that is a big drawback for me.

EDIT: related: the manual says that double press Track switches between pattern and mute mode, but that doesn’t work. Is this a bug or am I missing something? That really would be convenient because press track+turn encoder is awkward…

I’m unfamiliar with any setting like that. But if I’m in Track Mode and I have Track01 Selected, Unmuting other Tracks does not change the Active Track for me.

That’s strange if it does it on yours. Perhaps someone might chime in with knowledge of a setting, but if no one offers an explanation, perhaps a short video might be helpful…?

I personally get lost in so many combinations of key presses to get to different menus/areas/etc until I take my time to go thru them. If you have a logical approach to long & short presses, please please please use the Feature Request on the contact form!

In my memory, it used to work that way until around PyraOS 3.0 or so. I think. Memory fuzzy (if not broken completely)

I’d swear the online manual and the current PDF version of the manual (3.2) indicates just press & hold [Step] from any mode to access Patterns. Can you post where you find that “double press Track…” info?

Hi, sorry, I must have been unclear, it doesn’t but I would like it if there was such an option

Page 33: pyramid%20page%2033

Press and hold step doesn’t work either :frowning:

EDIT: related: the manual says that double press Track switches between pattern and mute mode, but that doesn’t work.

Hmm? Since v3.0 the shortcut to pattern mode is STEP + TRACK. Quoting from

Press STEP + TRACK to enter trackmode PATTERNS, tap TRACK or STEP to go back to trackmode MUTES.

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Yes, correct! The .pdf manual (v32) is not up to date then, and that was my reference document. I will use the online manual instead from now. Thanks for pointing that out…That’s MUCH more convient than holding track and rotate the encoder!

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Ah, got it.
Yeah, PDF manual is not up to date there.

Would you have a chance to let the Squarp gang know via the Contact form at

If not, pls let me know and I’ll submit it on your behalf.
That must have been annoyingly confusing (feel like you’re taking crazy pills!) - it’d be nice to help others avoid that for the future.

Most certainly! And at the same time I was desperately figuring out how to get my patterns to relatch… (working with arpegios and not being able to restart a pattern on seq change is just plain frustration!). Spent two days of headscratching there. Thanks again for helping me out, everything is MUCH easier now! (I run 3 Elektron sequencers AND a SP16 plus the Pyramid alongside so my brain steams every now and then :wink:

I will send them a report!