Audition metronome settings as you change them

Feature request:

I’ve enabled the metronome and am currently recording (the transport is running). Getting weird notes and sounds for each metronome bar/beat sound, so obviously I need to configure the metronome in settings. I go into the metronome settings and start changing the metronome channel & bar/beat notes…

…but I can’t hear the results until I stop and restart recording! So I have no idea if the new bar/beat notes I’ve selected sound ok until I stop/restart recording.

I’d like to hear the results immediately as I change the channel & bar/beat note settings, so I can home in on the right ones. Having to stop and restart recording after every change to hear the results is a pain. I want to hear the changes as I make them.

I hope that’s something you’ll consider adding. Many thanks!

Oops, did I post this in the Hapax forum? I suspect not. Don’t know how to move it. Apologies. Mods, this is meant for the Hapax forum.

Edit: I figured out how to move it!

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