Audio rate modulation

I thought I’d make a separate topic for this. Can the LFOs get into audio rate modulation?

Similarly, if I routed an audio rate CV in to a CC output, could it pass audio rate to my destination? I realize many synths don’t accept audio rate modulation over MIDI, but I wanted to ask. TIA.

LFOs can get into audio rate territory, yes. IIRC the maximum frequency is around 500Hz.

However, wrt sending that as MIDI, you run the risk of saturating the bandwidth of a MIDI DIN connection (roughly 1000 messages per second is theoretically possible, in practice it’s less), and/or saturate the processing capabilities of the synth at the other end.

Quite a lot of gear does not expect more than a few messages every second, for that reason automations in HAPAX have a safeguard called “MAX RATE” to downsample the curve in order not to saturate the receiving device. This is not currently available in the modmatrix or the LFOs.

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Thanks. Much appreciated.