Assigning Midi notes

Sorry for the noob question but i got my pyramid 2 days ago.

I have a sp1200 drum machine. It has 8 TRIGGER PADS and i want the PAD 1 on the sp1200 to be PAD 1 on the squarp and so on.
Right now when i press PAD 3 on the squarp it triggers PAD 4 on the sp1200
And when i press “Zoom/Velocity” pad it triggers Pad 7 on the sp1200

Is this not customizable ?

Sounds like you are in LIVE mode. You need to set each TRACK to the right midi channel and then find out what pad on your SP1200 listens to which note on which channel.

Also, it sounds like you might want to read the manual if you haven’t. It really is helpful!
Happy to help if you’ve got more troubles along the way.

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I know the notes of the sp1200 pads i just dont know How i can assign the smartpads to the notes

So have you read the manual?

The new PyraOs beta supports smartpad customization in the live mode (see but AIUI the current stable v2.30 version cannot do this.

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I have read the manual Yes :slight_smile:
I have version 2.30 tho