Arpeggiator - doubled notes from external sources

Hey all.

So when I connect a USB keyboard or external chord sequencer and initiate ARPEGGIATOR as an effect, the notes input are doubled.

Example - my keyboard is sending C-E-G but the audio is playing C C E E G G when I am inputting the notes. When I play back, however, it is playing C E G C E G C E G (as one would have expected to be the case).

FW 1.61. Arturia Keystep and Vector Sequencer used to test (independently of each other) connected to the Hermod.

I have stumbled across pressing TRACK and the 5 button and now arp notes are single… Is this a mode selector maybe? I better look at 1.61 documentation!

It’s a bug. you should report it here :

I’ve just test here… what happening is the ARP is double triggering with live input IF its the currently selected track. (its NOT related to active channel)
T1 = midi ch 1, ARP

if T1 is select, and i hold a chord on ch 1, I get doubled ARP.
if T1 is not selected (e.g. T2 ) and i hold a chord on ch 1, it plays correctly.

workaround : select a different track :slight_smile:

one thing I didn’t test but would be useful, is to see if this also happens when using active channel.

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Okay I will report the bug tomorrow when I get up. Thanks for testing. I really appreciate you replicating the problem and finding a workaround which explains why I got it working accidentally.

It is a bit concerning, but I’m sure it will get fixed. Thanks again. I spent a couple of hours trying to sort out what I was doing wrong.

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