Appending to instead of just copying into tracks

Hi there- I have a few 4 bar tracks that I’d like to combine into some 8 bar tracks. In my old Sequential TOM drum machine, If I copy track 4 to a blank track 5, I’d just get a duplicate of track 4. If I copy track 4 to track 5 again, it appends it, making a 8 bar track. I’m sure the terminology is different for the Pyramid, but surely there’s a way to effectively achieve the same result? Not finding it in the user guide or by searching this forum, but please forgive me if I’m overlooking something!

Thanks for any guidance!

In track mode:
Zoom in/out to the bar length you want to copy/paste.
it’ll be copied/pasted from/into the zoomed screen only (at least I think so)

Hi @Samon,

The way I understand your question is that you would like track 5 to be track 4 x2.
If that the case, what you can do is to copy track 4 to track 5, select track 5 and then hold TRACK + length and press > to duplicate the track.

If you like to combine multiple 4 bar track into one, the best is probably to use the Zoom function as mention by @OxOnFord.