Anyone using a Norns with their hapax?

Generally seems like a great match, particularly if you managed to use it as a grid as well?


I’m using the Hapax USB device port to connect to the Norns USB hosts.
Sending MIDI is nice but wouldn’t it be wonderful if the Hapax got a mode that suddenly turned it into an actual Norns Grid device!!!
I’ve already asked Squarp about this but as it’s a little ‘niche’… I guess the more people that ask, the merrier ;o).



Good to hear the Norns works, do you use a grid with it?

I’m trying to figure out how to send midi from Norns to Hapax.

Norns recognizes Hapax as device and I put it on slot 1. On the Hapax I use USB Device as Input on my track, but I did not receive any midi from Norns.

Edit: I should give myself more time. Have now found the correct midi settings in Norns Awake script so that the midi data is sent to the Hapax. From there I route it to my external synths. Perfect.

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