Any way to set range for MIDI CC parameters?

I like to bind encoders to MIDI CC messages for my synths. Is there any way to make the parameters only set values between 30-90 for example. And the next encoder for another parameter be 10-60. And the trackpad axis as well. Haven’t seen any way to do it on the device or can’t find anything in the manual about it.

Not on the Pyramid, you’d need a MIDI processor. Midihub – MIDI Interface & Stand-Alone MIDI Processor is nice for that kind of thing.


Bome MIDI Translator and a BomeBox would also do the job, though programming it is a bit more of an intricate affair.

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i’ve used both bome and midihub - i find bome easier.

i’d just turn the knobs less.

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Since posting I’ve acquired a Faderfox controller, it supports cc ranges and can control multiple channels from a single device. Solved my problem. I did need a midi merge device (which I previously did have luckily) and after some rewiring everything worked perfectly.


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