Any way to save smartpad modes per track?

For instance, I want to have TR01A thru TR08A (routed to my drum machine) set to the “repeat” smartpad mode on boot-up, TR09A (my poly synth) set to “chord” mode, and TR10A thru TR12A (my mono synths) set to “scale” mode.

I expected to just be able to set all the tracks like I wanted them and then go into the settings and hit “save tracks info,” since that seems to be the way to save any of the other track-specific settings. However, if I turn the Pyramid off and back on again, the smartpads for every track go back to the default “chord” mode.

Is there a way to do this that I’m missing?

are you loading a “default” project at startup? … if so you’d need to save that project.
this is what I do , and that seems to save the smartpad mode for each track.

Ive not tried save track settings - that would only be used for a new project.

I dont use this, I basically have a template project that I load - then use save as to create a new project.

the reason I do this, is that it allows me to choose from a few different ‘templates’, according to how I have things setup for that session.


That’s an interesting workaround. I don’t load anything on startup, since my setup is always wired in the same way.

Looking at the settings there are two options for “autoload”: “last saved project,” and “last loaded project”. So it doesn’t look like I can specify a default project to load every time.

Which one of these options do you use or do you find is the most intuitive? I guess “last loaded project” seems like it would make the most sense, right? Since you would only ever load that default project and then save it as something else. I just don’t want a different project to be loading itself up every time I power on.

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yeah, I use last loaded …

last saved, if you are more project based - so want to continue from where you left off.

as for new projects (as you are using) , perhaps talk to squarp via contact form , perhaps they can add the smart pad selection to the track settings.

I suspect this comes down to a design decision - what settings are more project oriented (so part of project) vs configuration (track settings).


Well thanks for your help. I really appreciate it.

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