Anti Echo mode per track/midi channel?

I found the anti echo mode to be really usefull for one particular synth I have because of it lacking a local off setting.

But my other synths do have a local off setting and I want one of them to be a master keyboard for the selected track, thus not generating any internal sound when a track of another synth is selected in the Pyramid.

It would be nice if there was a possibility to have Pyramid use anti echo only on selected midi channels instead of them all, but I guess this is not (yet) possible?

@squarpadmin you would really make me happy by adding this feature! Is there any chance this is coming?


I read in the beta manual that there is now an Auto Anti Echo, but it doesn’t explain exactly how this is different. Can someone explain this to me and would this be a solution for me?

Oh and it also would be nice to include this in a Defenition :slight_smile: