All notes off/MIDI panic

Is there a keyboard combo that will send all notes of? Tired of stuck notes…

Does Hermod not send “All Notes Off” on a double or triple press of the [Stop] button?
Wait, it has no Stop button, right?

If not, perhaps send MIDI CC’s:

120 All Sound Off
121 Reset Controllers
123 All Notes Off

Note: These are all Channel msgs

If this is not a function of the Hermod, perhaps it would make a good Feature request. You can submit those at

All notes off seems to work for me. ( from external midi)

Also if you are using the internal clock, stopping clock will also turn gates off. ( or if using ext clock and you stop transport)
( @CreepyPants play acts as start/stop)

I’ve not checked to see if it will send all notes off via midi, as I don’t often have Hermod sending out midi.

I guess the other question is why are you getting stuck notes - this is not to be ‘expected’

Quick test, if you press ‘stop’ to turn notes off - then Hermod will send a note-off for active notes IF you have a midi out fx on the track.
( it does not send all notes off, rather note-off is the events)

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My question exactly, can I send one or all of these messages from hermod?

No you cannot