Added divider for tracks and internal CC modulation

A year ago I sold my Hermod, now I decided to take it again (must have for melodic parts, comlex modulations, strange rythmics and outter poliphonic synths). I did not follow the updates, so I want to know if added divider for tracks and internal CC modulation (so that i could modulate the track plug-in parameters by another modulation tracks without patching)?

please use specific titles for post, ‘must have’ is pretty subjective, and we really don’t want/need yet another ‘must have’ wish list thread - feel free to add to one of the many existing ones :wink:

full change logs are available : so worth checking

there is no internal CC modulation.
not quite sure what you mean by divider for tracks (clock divider?)

of course, you can request new features via the contact form

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