Add velocity curve / fixed velocity to OUT effect?

@squarpadmin Is there any way to add a velocity curve or fixed velocity option to the OUT effect? I’d like to be able to override the velocity of the recorded MIDI notes to be a bit different than the input.

wondering about this too. with the recent update making hermod much more reliable (i.e. so far way less stuck notes for me) for polyphonic midi recording, i’ve started to think if its possible to add a velocity offset for a whole track, to essentially mix the relative levels of the midi notes coming from each track. I suppose it’s more normal to do this at the audio level, but for things like triggering drums or sending multiple tracks to the same poly synth (which i do often), it would be useful. Anyone have any ideas?

Sounds like the Equalizer effect on the Pyramid,
you could send Squarp a feature request ( via contact form) to ‘port’ this to the Hermod ?!