About PyraOS future

given the hardware limits of Pyramid mk1 and mk2 (and Squarp’s recent statements about HermodOS…)
it seems that we don’t have much hope for a PyraOS future…
it’s a shame because it seems that a few requests come back again and again from users

I had made a thread about some of them a few weeks ago but it has been deleted with the whole suggestions section
and another about SEQ mode discussions

so please squarpadmin, consider the idea of finishing this firmware before moving on to something else
(of course I wish you all the best for your future products)

tbh personnally I would be happy with these three points

  • offset (because it’s silly to have the ability to offset to the right and not to the left, not to mention the fact that when we want to have a negative offset we see our step jump to the previous on the left which seems to be a quite buggy behavior…)
  • individual midi input routing options (because a professional midi sequencer should offer this kind of flexibility)
  • display the current bar !!! ( because it’s insane to have a midi sequencer which doesnt display this information…)

am I too demanding with these 3 little things? :smiley:

doesnt need a v4.0 for that
(a v3.5 at most)


about the negative offset, I think the Squarp are already working on it
if we consider their response on the offset thread, I think they took this problem into account.
But they also said that they couldn’t do it for v3.0, during the beta test, which is quite understandable.
This apparently required too much work. So it will be for the next update probably.
I guess we just need a little bit more patience for that particular point.
But it’s true that many of us have been waiting for it for a long time (since the beginning of the Pyramid development)

the other points seem to be also elementary functions
I can add my +1 to that
they are not even “new features” strictly speaking
but just improvements from what already exists
I think it seems reasonable

(even though there are still two features I’d like to see on the Pyramid, that I share with other recent users requests : the possibility of stretch/shrink a pattern and a “compressor” FX to have range limits on pitch, velocity and CC values)

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I really hope so