Ableton Cv Tools / Reaktor Blocks / Bitwig

Does anybody know if there is a way to use Hermod as an interface between Ableton / Reaktor / Bitwig to make use of their CV Tools and modules, for example sending LFO from the computer through Hermod and into my other modules to control things?

No, you cannot use cvtools, as this is based on a ‘audio’ signal.

You could however send a midi lfo to Hermod , which will then do midi to cv conversion for your eurorack modules.

Ah awesome! So things like Ableton Max for Lives LFO?

I’ll have to get my hands on an expert sleepers module for the CV stuff!

yaeh, something like ES8 or ES9 are great for cv, also a nice way to get audio back to your computer from your rack.

bare in mind you do still get latency from cv… due to the audio buffers on your computer etc - Omri of vcvrack fame, has a good video on hybrid modular - showing this, and why midi still has an important role.

midi lfo, so the disadvantage of using midi, its its usually 7bit, so can be a bit steppy - the hermod can help smooth this out with a slew.
an alternative, is that the hermod also can create lfos (sync’d or not) - and if you want, you could modulate them e.g. rate (via midi or cv)

lots of options really…

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Picked up an ES8 to work together with my hermod!

Thanks for your input here - very helpful!

I have a strange problem I’m trying to get my head around with my Hermod now, when I send CV from it to any of my synths (moog mother, plaits etc) its changing the root note instead of playing C when I hit the C key via midi controller or Ableton its playing an A note

sorry i dont really understand your issue.

v/oct is relative, not absolutely
by default, hermod is set such that 0v = C4, but this assumes that you have tuned your oscillators such that 0v = C.

0v=C , is a pretty common norm - but as I said, its relative , nothing in eurorack says this has to be true - we often transpose oscillators by shifting this.

you can change this mapping on hermod in the midi fx

root note=60 = C, you can change this as you wish.

but as i said im a bit confused about you saying its changing the root note, thats an odd way of describing the pitch.
if you mean notes are being transposed, then check your settings

perhaps you have set a track to ROOT or TRSP , instead of CH0x (which is what you would normally do)

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