A tip: Using pattern buttons as simple sample triggers


It seems like that’s exactly how these samples are being triggered, at the Pattern level, but I haven’t played with Hapax enough yet to know if that is what’s going on in this video


I think this is quite different: Each pattern in track one contains a bar of hectic drumming (you can see the lenght in the display) and pattern sync is set to 1/16th (like in my case) which allows for switching between the drum patterns at any time, essentially “playing” the patterns.

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tl;dr - place trig on step 1 with math=first

probably, most important aspect of this (and why you dont just use LIVE mode) is the playback is quantised.
(the other use-case, is when you want to sequence playback of long samples)

this approach is pretty common on elektron devices (aka one shot trig) , and also Ableton live.
again, where often musician want to stay in the ‘pattern’ mode, rather than switch to ‘live’ mode even where the device supports live quantisation.

very common in ambient for “background” tracks.
but also as @chrisroland shows, I see it a lot for triggering drum breaks and alike… due to the quantisation requirement.


Not at all actually. It is for having all the action in pattern view. The moment you go into Live view, you are cut off from doing any other things at the same time.

And yes, I probably could have boiled it down to one sentence.:blush: But I was just so happy when I found out that I could use the 1st function for this. (Never used Ableton or Elektrons.)

(and why you dont just use LIVE mode)

I feel that. I do wish I could have 16 or so drums in live mode, though, so this isn’t the worst workaround.

I guess so , but you sacrifice polyphony (only one pattern per track)
I’d tend to just use an external controller, if I don’t want to switch to live view, also because I like to have velocity.

I don’t tend to use drum mode when there a large number of samples in play…
easier to use LIVE mode on normal poly track, and set grid to chromatic and octave jumps… gives you a nice trigger surface.
(but I still prefer an external controller :wink: )

That also works and I did that for a bit.