A forum for more tips & tricks?

I recently got a Squarp Pyramid and in general I really like it and have worked out how to use it (for the most part.) But like any good tool, the gap between what defines a user and a craftsman can often be quite wide, and to make the leap, collective knowledge must be fosterered and shared.

I came to this forum hoping there would be more tips and tricks but in general it seems to be just more feature requests, bugs and general complaints.

I’m wondering why this is… I come from the Elektronauts & Lines communities which often have some great tips on how to use music gear in unexpected & unique ways.

As I learn the Pyramid I hope to help build this community, but I’m sure there are veterans who can lead the charge and change the vibe of this special place.

I write this with all the best intentions in mind :slightly_smiling_face:


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Totally! I’m not sure I’d consider myself such a power user to be a contributor, but with a forum like this, at least I’d know where I stand! :grin:

The on-going beta skews the content quite a bit towards feature requests and bug reports. If you look back to January and older (prior to the beta hype starting) in the Pyramid category I think you’ll find more usage-related topics.

Nice. Thanks for that piece of wayfinding. I’m looking forward to really getting into this great piece of kit. It’s only been 2 weeks but already it has filled me with inspiration.