7000 events limit per project?


I know that the concept of the new forum is not to talk about requests for firmware evolutions but I would like to have the opinion of the SQUARP team on the subject of the RAM of the Pyramid :smiley:

Limit of 7000 events is important because it conditions my use of the machine and without doubt other users :disappointed_relieved:


I will second your request for some clarification from Squarp about the RAM limitations.

I have not run into the 7000 event brick wall yet, but I will try to this weekend :slight_smile:


a little bit off-topic
but when I was talking (above) about the interest of having a larger screen, with color and high resolution …
it seems that Ableton was inspired by some of our suggestions on the old forum for their Push/Live10 … :smiley:


  • Piano roll type visualization directly on the hardware
  • zoom on a section when we hold one or several steps
  • different colors for the pitch of the notes, or velocity…
  • negative offset
  • loop points within a pattern (with the possibility to delete the notes outside the start/end markers of the loop - “crop” function)

it makes me dream to have something like that on PyraOS…
but I guess it will not happen with the current hardware… :frowning:


Oh no. Why i found this thread after ordering… 7000 events is very limiting when you using automation.
Whatever this is good device. I hope they can make some ram upgrades as external (or internal) modules.

and from main page “64 polyphonic tracks, unlimited number of notes & automation” i orded because of this!



They have been very upfront with the specs from day one.
Never hurts to read the specs before you purchase :wink:

7000 events is a lot for me and I have never been close to that limit with my projects.


Never hurts to read the specs before you purchase :wink:

It’s nice that you haven’t run into issues, but that’s not a justification for blowing off legitimate concerns with a winky emoticon. “Oh, your new car has a one-gallon gas tank? Why didn’t you read the owner’s manual before buying?”

No one with experience with hardware midi sequencers expected the number to be that low. It’s in the specs page but nowhere else, and features which are prominently advertised are fairly useless with such a low event limit:

“Create an infinite number of automation per track!” No, you’re not doing that, not with a 7000 event limit.

“Track length: 1/4 bar (a quarter note) to 384 bars” - 384 bars, but a mod sweep takes 150 events in a bar…do the math, add much modulation and you’ll never get to 384 bars. And modulation is exactly what a song length linear track is good for.

And yes I’m repeating myself to some extent, but the message hasn’t sunk in apparently. Certainly it hasn’t with Squarp, who has remained 100% silent on this issue.

With customers who will deflect these issues towards talking about a new version instead, why should they respond, or offer a fix?


:smiley: Yikes!
You try to portray this picture that Squarp has deceived you and its costumers. I am merely marking on the fact that they have been up front of the limits of the RAMxEventLimit since day one. Never have they lied or tried to cover that up.

They designed a tool. Thats the Pyramid. As with any hardware instruments, you have to play with it and with its quirks in order to play it.

Life is short man and second hand Pyramids sell fast :wink:


And let me repeat myself yet again (comment #14 above): I am not saying or implying that anyone lied.

Basically what I’m trying to say to you, is the following-

Some of us have an issue with this. You don’t, and that’s fine.

What isn’t fine is that you keep trying to deflect attempts at discussing it - by talking about a new version, by telling people they should have read the stats first, by accusing me of painting a picture of deception.

If this issue doesn’t bother you, why do you keep trying to end discussion of it?

You really should stop commenting on this topic. You are not helping.


hm… actually I believe joosep hasn’t talked about a new hardware version…
I did. :blush:
personally, I agree with you on the fact that these specs are low; (and I agree with all the arguments you have listed)
but if we don’t have the opportunity to talk about software evolutions from now on, what can be said about “physical limits”?!..

I have never seen a device with this kind of issue (CPU/RAM ressources limit) being fixed with a “patch” or something like that

like I said above, if your suggestion of a workaround by use of streaming can be a solution it will be very welcomed
but if not, we cannot do very much I’m afraid… : (


You may very well be correct that it can’t be fixed, or that it isn’t worth Squarp’s time to try (they are a business after all). But I’d like to hear some sort of statement from Squarp on the subject, since they are the only ones who would really know. Even just a “no” from them would be better than silence.

(Or maybe they’ll just release the source code and let us try to fix it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)


I don’t believe so.
It is a too important point to be ignored… I think if they can do something about it, they will.

I think their silence means they’re working hard on the Hermod
(and not on the Pyramid I’m afraid …)
but maybe I’m wrong and we will see a PyraOS update soon … :slight_smile:


Oh man if I spotted this topic earlier, I wouldn’t have bought a Pyramid…

But I am curious after all: did anyone experience what happens when you hit the max? And did anyone have to deal with it in one of their projects, without trying to reach the max on purpose?


No crash. You simply can’t add an event when you have reached the limit. That’s it.
I’m just trying to not have too much automation curves (that’s what principally causes the problem in my case)


I experiment that with notes ! I copy patterns on same track, with large amont of bars, and then quickly meet the roof. Bad experience. The behaviour is simple : a “!” appeared on the screen and no more copy or additional operations where possible.
First reaction was : why propose so great bars possibilities if we reach so rapidly the max ? Deception folowed.
Now I change my way of working. I do really like the Pyramid and it’s abilities. A nice piece of gear that have its limitations, like all gear. Even if we can consider that 7000 events brings us back to early 90’s.
I joint a Cirklon to it. With the two friends, I have the Best sequencer of the world :wink:

"!" and "triangle with line above" icon in live mode

Haven’t reached the limit.


The ability to draw automation with the touchpad does indeed feel like more like a tease than the awesome feature it is because you always need to mind the total event limit.

It’d help a lot if there was a way to control/limit the resolution of what gets recorded from the touchpad, for example record only one step per current zoom level. For many things one value per 1/8 or 1/4 is plenty, but tedious to enter manually when there’s the tempting option of just drawing it…


interpolations in the automation step mode could be a solution


Yes but it would also make automation less precise…


Well, sometimes you need the precision, sometimes you’d need those precious events for something else. Which is why you should be able to decide. Me, I’d take lower precision for freedom to use it for more things almost every time.


When I was a kid I owned a little Yamaha QY70 portable sequencer. It had a 32,000 event limit and interpolation (thinning) of MIDI data that worked very well. Even so I would hit the limit sometimes. I found the UI on the Yamaha to be tedious, so I eventually sold it.

I understood when I bought the Pyramid that it wasn’t as powerful as that sequencer, but I have found interesting ways to use the Pyramid in my set-up. It’s not the DAW replacer I dream of, though.