7/8 time signature not possible?

someone please prove me wrong. is there a work around?

No problems! It’s not just possible, it’s easy to set.

In track mode & holding the time sig button, push & rotate in the menu encoder to adjust the denominator part of the fraction (the β€˜8’). Not pushing the encoder only adjusts the numerator (the β€˜7’).

Pardon, I’ve never learned the correct names of the numbers in time signatures for music theory.


I work in odd meters all the time, which is one of the reasons I chose Pyramid. Very quick easy to set all kinds of time signatures, including different ones per track.

Check the online manual on the Track page under Time Signature and Polyrhythms.

Best of luck!

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push the encoder!.. thanks guys. should have known (shoulda read)

This does not work on mine, latest fw. Did they remove this feature?

Hold Track β†’ Signature to get to the time signature page. Rotate the encoder to change the top number and press encoder to change the bottom.

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