4 Inputted Analog Voltages?

Just scrolling through the Info pages in the Settings menu on my Pyramid and noticed on the ‘Analog In’ page it lists: CV1, CV2, G1, and G2. But as far as I know there is only one CV input and one Gate input. Then in the manual for the Info section it says “Analog In: Display the 4 inputted analog volates”. Am I missing something?

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well spotted … its not something ive seen discussed here, and its a little hidden in the manual.

so, both CV and GATE are stereo jacks, and GATEs are analog not digital (as you might expect.
really cv/gate are just labels for most common use case - they can be used for other things :wink:

so when your using CV/GATE these are used as mono jacks.

BUT in settings you can change to STEREO ASSIGN (*)

you can now use this as modulators,
to do this you need to hold ASSIGN whilst plugging in the cable, and then this will allow you to assign hot n’ cold (think cv 1 / 2) to cc/fx parameters
(“Note about analog input voltage assignments”)

but its definitely a cool feature , even if not talked about much :slight_smile:

(*) I do wish this there was a way to use 2 cv/gate inputs, but not surprising that’s not implemented, as even with midi select a tracks input is not particularly flexible e.g. you cannot say I want track 1 to respond to midi ch1 … we only have multichannel mode, which would not make much sense for 2 cv inputs.

edit: actually this discussion reminded me, i wanted to make a couple of suggestions to @squarpadmin for making more use of these stereo inputs…
e.g. to assign to velocity, or using one pair for cv/gate and the other for clock/stop
so I sent them a message…

as above, i think many don’t realise that the pyramid has 4 analog inputs, due to the misleading cv/gate label… and it be nice to use them a bit more flexibly.
( i love the 4 cv inputs on the hermod, probably my fav feature!)

if you have other ideas for usage of these stereo inputs, id suggest dropping them to squarp via


Woah, heavy.

So, what you’re saying is the Pyramid actually has four CV inputs. But because eurorack uses TS (mono) cables, to use the stereo option you would need a cable that has a TRS (stereo) male jack on one end and then splits to two TS female jacks which you could then plug in two eurorack CV sources. Is that correct?

Then the only catch is you can only assign the stereo option to CC’s etc, not 2 separate Pitch/Gate combos.

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i don’t think 2x cv/gate would be that useful to me, given i cant direct them to 2 different tracks…
but as mentioned above, id like to be able to use cv/gate, and then use the other pair for either clock , or a mod input (cc1) or velocity.

clocks the most useful for me, as currently you either have cv clock OR you have cv/gate - to have both would be really useful.

that said, currently ive found USB midi is the tightest timing between my hermod and pyramid, so i don’t tend to use CV input on the pyramid that much


Yeah, I think I would mostly be assigning euro LFOs and envelopes to MIDI CC’s and FX parameters in my setup. Exciting stuff to suddenly discover there are two additional analog inputs!

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yeah, that’s a cool use…

funny, I keep meaning (forgetting) to buy a few more TRS-> 2xTS splitter ,
I got one ‘free’ with my Koma Field kit, but now have about 5 different uses for it, a pain to keep switching it in/out :slight_smile:

(hmm, also need a couple more longer TRS 3.5mm cables)

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Ha, I’m totally searching Amazon for ‘3.5mm stereo to dual mono adapters’ and ‘headphone volume adapters’ to use as attenuvertors to bring my LFOs that are 0-8 or 0-10 down to Pyramid’s 0-5 range, haha

Yeah be careful, a lot of splitters you see are for splitting headphones , so are TRS-> 2x TRS ( not TS) - so are not suitable - nearly caught me out a couple of times.
Hmm, some inline attenuators would indeed be useful.

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The only way that I found to be sure was to buy 1/8" to dual RCA then put adapter tips on them. RCA female to 1/8" male.

So to clarify, is that only on the ins, or the outs, as well?

Only the inputs.

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