3 steps on hermod?

for the love of god some one help me figure out how to set up a sequence only 3 steps long , not 4 not 8 not 12 not 16 I just need a looping sequence with only 3 steps please help!!! thanks in advance

Unfortunately this is not possible, also 5,7,9 etcetc steps…

Me too I just can’t loop 11 or 10 step. All the most interesting lenght for polyrythmic are not possible. this should be fixed. This is a bug !

Erm NO this perfectly possible
It can be done before or after recording into a channel, so: go to Step hold Y (it says length) and turn the encoder. You have 1-64 units which are basic beats. You could start with a 4/4 pattern and cut it down to a 3/4 thing. Or allongate a 4/4 to 7/4 no Problem-live on the go! What is NOT possible in the basic step programming, are beats like 9/15 or 5/7 for example as the grid is even. What i havent tried out but i‘m quite sure is possible are these workarounds:

  1. use the Euclid effect. You could have a 9 beats long pattern and a euclid effect that cycles in 15.
  2. have two channels trigger 1 Source. One channel cycles 5 beats and the other 7.

I have not played with the idea of odd metrics because frankly i don’t get excited by them…

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Erm YES each one of those “steps” which make up patterns contain 4 quarter notes. So the minimum amount of quarternotes in a pattern is 4. Being able to have finer control of pattern length would be most welcome. Currently the best workaround is this: use products of the pattern length you actually want. So if you need a 6 quarternote long pattern, make a 3 “step” pattern containing two copies of your 6 quarternote long sequence back to back, neatly filling the 12 quarternotes provided by the 3 “steps”. 3 and 5 are similarly easy, but 7 is not… Another partial workaround is to hack the pattern quantisation by doubling the BPM. However the maximum bpm is 250… :confused:
If you’re working at a bpm of 125 or below though, another advantage is higher resolution on recorded modulation.
To do (some) polyrhythms you can zoom to x3 in a pattern 3, 6 or 12 etc. steps long. I can’t remember if you can zoom to x6…

Oh and polymetry is officially more exciting than polyrhythms which are really hard to use without sounding like a Frank zappa b side