3 feature requests

I submitted these via the online form, but i’ll post them here in case they might interest anyone else.

one is obvious - allow loop recording to have a MUCH longer recording length as was available on the Pyramid.

the second 2 are kind of crazy. The first is - i’d love to be able to modulate the order of the fx on a track. Ideally as a sequenced event, and always with the ability to get back to the original order.

the next is - the trsp track is excellent, especially since you can put fx in it. Now, I personally will rarely use up 15 tracks with data, if ever. I’d love to be able to set up multiple trsp tracks, and then assign them individually to other tracks.

Hey - feature requests should be send via the contact form: https://squarp.net/contact/

This is a pretty cool idea, though +1 for that

oh, i did that too. but i was poking around in the forum, and thought that i’d bring it up here in case people liked the suggestions. i figured that if a million people demanded these features, they might put them in.

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+1 on multiple trsp !

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