3 Definition File questions I can't find answers to in the manual

Q1: When I set my Definition File preferences in the [2ND + SETTINGS / MISC ], does this link to the master machine and all opened files or is this specific to whichever file I have opened and is embedded in the next [2ND + SAVE/LOAD] command?

Q2: It seems that even with the preferences set in [2ND + SETTINGS / MISC] as “Load Definition: Filter CC” I am still seeing long rows of empty CC definition assignments between my definition assignments I’ve written into the text document. Isn’t this setting to supposed to scrub the long empty banks si have all my definitions consolidated into a single smaller list?

Q3: I’m trying to assign knobs to my definition file CCs that I’ve loaded, and while the X/Y pad works for this fine, when I press [ASSIGN + KNOB1 ROTATE or PRESS] I’m getting a pop up that’s greyed out and says “Not Assigned” and there’s nothing I can do. Am I making a mistake and am not aware?

As always thank you so much for your help, I’m continually amazed by this community, gives me hope for humanity TBH :slight_smile:

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  1. I don’t understand your question. Sorry.

  2. Are you using the defined port and channel and/or Calling the instrument definition file? Id so, please post your Definition File that isnt working properly and let’s see. ( Read: works fine for others with no/ few issues)

  3. Is the sequencer stopped?

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