2nd+Track not sending program/bank change in Pyramide


I am trying to figure out why this is happening but nothing found so far. When I turn the knobs 1,2,3 I see that the prg/bank change takes place on the destination instrument. But, when I record something and I play it back, Pyramid is not changing the program and bank to the value I have set in on the track. In Settings my CC Assign is set to Autorec on.
Could someone shed a light on this please, according to the manual this is supposed to work. I am on the latest 4.02 firmware.



You have to set 2 different PC’s (program changes) on 2 different patterns or sequences, and switch between both, to activate and reset. It is a general midi issue that occurs on other machines or sequencers. If you rotate the encoder between programs or banks, it actually resets and activates the numbers. But if there is only one info on one track… it stays where it was (I understand myself :slight_smile:

Hi stalker,

Thanks for your advise ! What does this mean in practical terms ? For example, I would like to start my first pattern on track B5 with a certain program/bank combination. How can I achieve that it happens ?

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