2 pyramids - each recording the other?

I’m wondering how to do this, and even if it’s possible. I know that there is the danger of a midi loop, so this was my idea:

both set to not echo midi. Have a midi loop of different a different length and potentially also temp in each, and set each to live record the output of the other.

It looks like if I set the units to ‘hard record’ the sequence gets wiped out before anything interesting happens, so this would need either a strict quantized set up where an event would record over the previous one if a new event was sent, but otherwise would retain the original. I was imagining messing with this to watch/listen to the sequences evolve in various ways…basically to experiment.

How should I set this up, or can someone rule out this possibility? I’m not an expert in all of the settings of the pyramid, so i thought i might be able to save myself hours of trial and error by getting a more knowledgable response.

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this sounds mad but i would like see what the out come would be of this set up…
sorry no help like but it sound s

keep up the good work

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