2 bugs that happened to me recently, am I alone?

Hello !

I’m a heavy pyramid user for 2years and a half now :slight_smile:
I’m up to date and use version 4.02

However, recently I experienced a few bugs, and was wondering if I’m alone, or if maybe it’s my SD card (which has already maybe 200 project on it, I’m gonna clean it tomorrow)

  1. The first bug happened 1 or 2 month ago, I was doing music with my acid techno friend, and was not able to save the project (I tried everything, I moved into step mode, track mode etc with no luck, the menu would just not appear) Hoppefully I’m a compulsive person and save everything all the time (on a side note I use decksaver and my pyramid is in very good shape, it’s not a mecanical problem from the button for sure)

  2. The second bug was a pattern (in pattern mode) that disappeared while I was selecting a new slot in sequence mode. when I came back into pattern mode my pattern was not there. I looked everywhere but it was just gone. So I rebooted the pyramid (because I had already saved it), and my pattern was here again. I was able to reproduce this bug 3 times (with a reboot each time) before finding a way to make this not happen.

Sorry for this super long post, but basically I have 3 questions :
Does any of you experienced similar issues, or has any clues on why it happened ?
Could it be the SD card (that is filled with hundreds of project) ?
Should I bother the awesome Squarp team with a bug report ?

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:


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