1.1 save and store functions still dont work?

The save and store functions on 1.1 don’t seem to react the way the squarp team has intended. Anytime i try to save/store a kit or the overall channel/general settings my rample freezes. Not sure whats going on and was wondering if anybody else has experienced this. Seems like something that needs to be addressed before more elaborate requests are considered.

its working ok on mine…

one thing i found, was the firmware 1.0 had ‘corrupted’ a couple of my kits, so these continued to cause issues in 1.1.
once I ‘restored’ these kits (id saved a copy on my HD when i first got the rample), then i no longer had any issues.

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Hi @Greyscale,

I’m sorry you’re having issues with the save/store functions. Like @thetechnobear said, we identified a bug in 1.0 that caused some file corruptions which some users reported to have repercussions even after upgrading to 1.1. I guess you are part of those unlucky few…

The following steps should resolve the issue:

  1. Save your custom kits (if you made any)
  2. Format the SD card with the official SD Memory Card Formatter from the SD Association
  3. Paste the factory content on the card (I sent you a link via DM)
  4. Paste your custom kits

Please note that the next release of rampleOS (1.2) should improve on save/store even further.

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much appreciated! worked like a charm

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